How to change battery on diesel watch?

Watches act as great accessories these days but the ultimate use of them remains the  same – showing correct time. If the watch does not give proper time, something has  to be done. In case of automatic watches, there is no need to check the battery as  they have no battery but there are many watches which malfunction due to low battery power. Before you throw the watch, you may try changing the batteries and see whether  it works or not. You can take it to a store and buy watch batteries. You can also try  to change it all by yourself by following the given steps.


Some things you must know before changing:

Whatever you touch with your hands will become rusty sometime,because our hands have moisture.
Don’t breath close & directly to the watch movement for the same reasons.
Don’t touch the battery with your hands but with a brass or plastic tweezer. You can use the thin hospital gloves,it’s easier to do the replacement.
Don’t use knives,screwdrivers or scissors.Use the appropriate tools.
For some reasons you think that your watch need a new battery but there are other multifunctions that exist. So,maybe it won’t.

1 Closely examine your watch until you find a lip that you can lift with your thumb or a groove in the surface you can insert your watch case opener into. Gently working the blade of the case opener around the circumference of the watch, separate the back from the base.

2 Observe which side of the dead battery faces up before you remove it so you know which position the new battery should be in when you insert it. Now, carefully extract the dead battery with the tweezers and set it aside. Still using the tweezers, gently place the new battery into the same slot.

3 With your watch tucked inside a piece of protective fabric, press the cover down firmly until it snaps back into the base.

Be careful while doing this and if you do not feel confident, check the store where
you buy watch batteries from and ask the person to do this for you.